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We are a trading services company offering competitively priced services and flexibility on the standard terms that are currently available in the market. Being part of the PrepayPower Group, we have the financial backing to meet the credit needs of counterparties.

With a large supply unit in ISEM, we offer simple, certain, fully managed routes to market directly to an offtaker.

Our team holds a variety of energy market experience including trading and asset management; renewable energy development, grid operations and planning with EirGrid; supply company hedging, trading, price forecasting, market and settlement operations. We are also active in proprietary trading in the ISEM and GB markets with a 365-trading desk in place.

The team has over 100 years combined experience with backgrounds including Gaelectric, Bord Gáis Energy, EirGrid and AEMO. Additionally, our company directors have extensive asset development and ownership experience.

In total there are 13 staff working directly in the trading function with additional support from the wider group employees. The function is split into two teams, short-term trading team and forward trading team.

Short-term Trading Team

The short-term trading team are active in the ISEM and GB markets with a 365-trading desk in place. They oversee the balancing service, short term price forecasting, wind forecasts and asset management as well as the propriety trading function. The team is headed by Robert Dolan with support from Sean Tierney. In addition to that the team have 3 analysts and 2 traders.

Forward Trading Team

The forward trading team focus on the longer term aspects of the function including hedging strategy, longer term price forecasts, demand/generation forecasting and regulation. The team is lead by Colm mac Oireachtaigh with support from Richard Crowley. In addition to that the team has 3 analysts primarily focused on modelling and 1 analyst focused on pricing.

Robert Dolan

Head of Portfolio Management, leads the team responsible for the trading, optimisation and management of a wide range of unit types, including our in-house asset-less units. Has extensive experience in trading across various European markets. Holds MSc Energy and Environmental Finance from UCD and BA in Pure Mathematics from Trinity.


Sean Tierney

Lead Short Term Analyst / Energy Trader, responsible for short-term trading and analytics at PrepayPower Energy Trading. Former senior wind energy analyst and energy trader at Gaelectric. Holds a Masters in Physics from the University of Liverpool and a Masters in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology at Loughborough University.

Colm mac Oireachtaigh

Head of Forward Trading since 2017, manages wholesale market activities of PrepayPower supply unit, including hedging strategy, price and demand forecasting, and wholesale regulation. Formerly spent 10 years at EirGrid in power system planning, wind and solar constraints forecasting and power system operations. Holds a Bachelors and PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

Richard Crowley

Energy Trading Manager, responsible for origination and hedging the PrepayPower electricity and gas businesses. Previously spent 10 years at EirGrid in power system planning, and power system operations, including relief shift grid engineer at the national electricity control centre. Holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College Cork.

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